Let’s stop time.

Families today are in a race against time. We know, because we find ourselves in that same race. Mast chocolate is the indulgence that gives you presence, allowing you to fully engage in the moment with those you love. We want to give you a reason to put your phone down, lift your eyes up, and share a real, delicious, considered experience.

We have dedicated everything that comes out of our company to the service of the modern family. In service of the deep need for us all to live in the moment, surrounded by those we love, fully engaged in an intentional life.


These cuties are perfect for long commutes, afternoon pick me ups, and desk drawer emergencies. (1 oz/ 28g)

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Curated collections, apparel, and accessories for the whole family.

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Hello, Mount Kisco!

Introducing the Mast chocolate factory,
shop & cafe located in Westchester County’s
historic village of Mount Kisco.