Brooklyn Collection

Brooklyn Collection


A ballad to Brooklyn. Celebrating exceptional local ingredients, with artwork by Andrew Tarlow.

Brooklyn Blend- Like Brooklyn itself, we’ve gathered the best and mixed them all up. This signature blend uses cacao from Tanzania, Belize, and Peru.

Olive Oil- Featuring Frankie’s Olive Oil from Sicily, a longtime friend of MAST and a legendary restaurant in Brooklyn.

Rye- Inspired by historic Williamsburg, this variety is reminiscent of Rye bread. Made with toasted caraway, brown sugar, and caramelized buttermilk.

Rooftop Chili- MAST is proud to provide Brooklyn Grange with thousands of pounds of cocoa husk every year to make compost. The chilies used in this bar are grown and dried in-house.

Vanilla & Sea Salt- A classic pairing of two of our best sellers, our Sea Salt is made by hand from Steven Judelson of Amagansett Sea Salt in Amagansett, NY.

Smoked Maple- Like a charred wood barrel used to age whiskey found in a “Brooklyn” cocktail, we love how smoke and maple simply pair together.

Six 70g (2.5oz) bars.

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