Cacao: Family owned, organic farms in Tanzania, Peru, Madagascar, and Dominican Republic. We pay far beyond fair trade premiums and love to help introduce and support new growing regions and organizations. Are you a farmer interested in Mast purchasing your cacao? Send us samples!

Cane Sugar: Organic, Fair Trade, and Rain Forest Alliance certified, Brazilian cane sugar.

Milk: Organic Kentucky buttermilk. Organic Dutch goat milk.

Cocoa Butter: Organic, Fair Trade certified cocoa butter from Dominican Republic.

Vanilla Beans: Organic, Fair Trade certified 'bourbon' vanilla from Madagascar.

Almonds: Organic, raw almonds from California.

Sea Salt: Hand harvested sea salt from the United Kingdom.

Coffee: Stumptown Coffee. Locally roasted and part of their DirectTrade program.



Mast chocolate is made from bean to bar, in-house, preferring traditional methods. Unlike the commercial norm, Mast does not re-melt industrial chocolate and repackage it as its own (contrary to some confusing reports from our good friend, the internet).

We begin by literally hand-sorting every bean, ensuring our impossibly high quality standards are met. The cacao is then lightly roasted in small batches. A clean winnow gently removes the shells from the 'nib'. The nibs are slowly refined under a granite stone wheel for nearly three days while we slowly incorporate the other ingredients.

The finished chocolate is poured into bar shaped moulds, cooled, set, and then wrapped. Our signature papers wrap the chocolate using antique equipment, repurposed to our custom style, and then labeled. Now the chocolate is ready to be shipped!



Mast is a family owned business based in New York City. Founded by brothers Rick & Michael Mast from their Brooklyn apartment, Mast has been at the forefront of a food movement in favor of simple ingredients, sustainable sourcing, traditional processing and beautiful design.

Mast is an equal opportunity employer and provides a $15/hr minimum wage with best in class health care coverage. To inquire about joining the Mast family, please email us. We are always looking for positive, fun, ambitious folks to join our team.

"Mast has been on the cutting edge of the craft food movement from the start."

-New York Times.