Ethical Sourcing

When you enjoy Mast chocolate, you’re helping to support Kokoa Kamili, an organic cocoa organization based out of Tanzania in East Africa. Their commitment to paying above fair-trade premiums offers farmers a better quality of life, enabling them to produce the highest quality cocoa beans. Kokoa Kamili purchases ‘wet’ cocoa straight out of the farmers’ pods, which are then fermented and dried in-house. Centralizing this process not only creates a more consistent product, but removes the burden from farmers, allowing them more time to nurture their farms and their families.

Delicious by Design 

Husband and wife design duo (and longtime family friends) Carla Venticinque and Aaron Osborn have brought their artful, handmade, organic craft to the front of Mast bars using traditional block printing techniques with hand mixed natural pigments. Their one of a kind abstract designs make every bar as delicious on the outside as it is on the inside.